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Local Leaders

Leaders across Iowa play an important role in the future of flooding and water quality on both the rural and urban landscape. Understanding the issues is a key to making the best decisions as our communities grow and work together. As Iowa continues to be a leader in agricultural production and is home to fast growing urban communities, decision makers must consider future impacts to our resources and make efforts to protect residents into the future.

Local leaders may include:

  • Conservation professionals
  • Elected officials
  • Agricultural group leaders
  • Politicians
  • Community group leaders
  • Engineers
  • Federal, state, and local government staff

Local Leaders

Urban and Rural desicion makers impact Iowa's natural resources.

Watershed 101

What is a watershed? How are you connected to water, flooding, and water quality?

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The Problem

Changes to Iowa’s landscape have direct impacts on flooding and water quality. Understanding these impacts is important for both urban and rural leaders.

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The Solution

There are many tools that can be utilized without hurting agricultural production or urban development to address water quality and flood issues in Iowa

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Get Involved

Polk SWCD is here to help! Offering technical assistance, funding, and years of expertise; our commissioners and staff provide the assistance that you need.

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