The Des Moines metropolitan area has a long history in dealing with stormwater runoff. Both flooding and water quality issues have persisted for decades, impacting residents living within its urban areas. In response to these ongoing issues Polk Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) has been working with all Des Moines metro communities to facilitate change to address water issues. A key component of these efforts is the education of urban residents on understanding their local watershed and what they can do to help.

Request for Proposals

Polk SWCD is seeking qualified professionals for marketing services to develop a strategy and tools to deliver stormwater education information to urban residents. This marketing effort seeks to take educational material developed by the Iowa Stormwater Education Partnership and deliver to a targeted audience. Once completed these marketing tools will be provided to city staff for implementation and use within 14 communities across the Des Moines Metro.


Polk SWCD seeks the completion of marketing strategy and tools by June 30th, 2019.

Scope of Work

The marketing team will develop and deliver a comprehensive strategy and toolbox:

Task 1- Assess existing educational material

Task 2- Work with Polk SWCD team to develop marketing goals and targets

Task 2- Develop marketing strategy

Task 3- Create a series of marketing tools (video clips, social media posts, web stories, signage, etc.)

Task 4- Provide input on city staff training sessions

*Funding for this provided by Iowa Department of Natural Resources Education Grant. For additional information on scope of work, see attached Rain Campaign Grant Application.

Submission Requirements

Statements submitted in response to his RFP must address the following categories and be limited to 5 pages. Applicant may include additional marketing examples.

Project Team

Outline the project team and roles.

Statement of Qualifications

Summarize your marketing experience including areas of past focus, example projects, and experience working within the Des Moines Metro area.

Approach and Methodology

Provide a proposed approach and methodology to developing a marketing strategy and tools for the education of a targeted group.


Polk Soil and Water Conservation District has a total budget of $65,000 for marketing services. Provide a detailed budget on cost associated with completing scope of work.


Items required for proposal submission:

1- Company contact information

2- Project team and statement of qualifications

3- Proposed methodology to complete scope of work

4- Proposed cost for services

Proposals must be submitted no later than 4:30 pm on January 11th, 2019. Proposals should be submitted by email to:

John Swanson

Polk Soil & Water Conservation District

515.964.1883 ext. 3

Questions regarding this request for proposals should also be directed to John Swanson.

Packed full of phosphorous and other nutrients, grass clippings are one of the most harmful urban pollutant sources to our waterways.