What is the #RainCampaign? The rain campaign is a localized effort by communities across the Des Moines metro, led by the Polk Soil & Water Conservation District, to enable you to be a part of the solution towards better managing stormwater runoff to improve local water quality.

Funding has been made available to you to implement stormwater management practices on your own property such as soil quality restoration, rain barrels, rain gardens, and permeable pavement. These practices help to reduce stormwater runoff, improve local water quality, and can provide benefits such as pollinator habitat, add new curb appeal to your home, and can provide alternatives saving you money spent traditionally on mowing, watering, and fertilizing your lawn.

Across the Des Moines metro area, stormwater runoff presents problems to all of our communities. At our homes, many of us have hard and compacted soils leading to drainage and ponding issues, among others. In our communities, large amounts of stormwater runoff generates flash flooding during large rains, contributes to stream bank erosion, and more. Downstream, stormwater runoff carries pollutants into our local waterways decreasing local water quality.

Stormwater management practices implemented at each of our homes can offer solutions for these problems. Join the #RainCampaign by installing a stormwater management practice! Funding and technical resources are available to you now. Have questions? We are happy to help! Give us a call at 515-964-1883 ext.3

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More than one-third of our global food supply depends on pollinators.