Financial assistance is available throughout Polk County, depending on where you live, to help cover the cost of implementing stormwater water management practices such as rain barrels, soil quality restoration, and rain gardens. Be part of the #RainCampaign aimed at improving water quality in our community by implementing stormwater practices in your own backyard!

Each program differs in the amount of financial assistance provided and the types of practices funding can be used for. Please contact each program below for more information.


Contact: Karen Oppelt | 515-967-5136 |

Visit Altoona's program website


Contact: Amy Bryant | 515-963-3542 |

Visit Ankeny's program website

Des Moines

Contact: 515-323-8165 I

Visit Des Moines' program website


Contact: Clayton Ender I 515-727-7763 I

Visit Johnston's program website

Pleasant Hill

Contact: Chris Widmer | 515-309-9464 |

Visit Pleasant Hill's program website


Contact: Kristin Brostrom | 515-278-3950 |

Visit Urbandale's program website


Contact: Jenny Corkrean | 515-978-7920 |

Visit Waukee's program website

West Des Moines

Contact: Jeff Nash | 515-222-3475 |

Visit West Des Moines' program website

Windsor Heights

Contact: Dalton Jacobs | 515-645-6825 |

Visit Windsor Heights program website

Polk County

Contact: Julie Perreault | 515-964-1883 ext.3 |

Easter Lake Watershed

Contact: Julie Perreault | 515-964-1883 ext.3 |

Visit the Easter Lake Watershed's program website

Tall-grass prairie used to cover 70-80% of Iowa. Less than 0.1% of the original tall-grass prairie remains!