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Traditional urban development and landscaping designs cause rainfall to flow off roofs, sidewalks, driveways, and compacted lawns. Water flows into the street, down the storm drain and through the storm sewer to the nearest stream, river, or lake. Along the way, it picks up pollutants such as sediment, hydrocarbons, heavy metals, salts and nutrients. Polluted stormwater goes directly to water bodies without being treated.

To address these water quality concerns, urban residents can utilize Rainscaping practices. Learn more about the many Rainscaping practices that can be used on your property to help reduce runoff and water pollution!

Urban Conservation

Treating stormwater at your house, neighborhood, and community.

Watershed 101

What is a watershed? How are you connected to water, flooding, and water quality?

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The Problem

Residential urban areas face many issues such as drainage problems, poor topsoil, pollution, and many other water related concerns. Understanding these obstacles is a key to solving them.

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The Solution

There are many solutions in the urban areas that help alleviate our water quality and flooding issues.

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Get Involved

Polk SWCD is here to help! Offering technical assistance, funding, and years of expertise; our commissioners and staff will provide the assistance that you need.

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As urban areas grow by as little as 1%, you begin to see negative biological impacts to surface waters.